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Use cases

There are unlimited use cases for a coin. Let us show you a few to get you started, but then let your imagination take flight!

Insurance company

You are a health insurer who wants to reward your more than 1 million customers with a loyalty program. Within your ecosystem, you give your customers the opportunity to receive discounts from the yoga instructor of their choice. This supports deep loyalty and promotes local business to boot.

Use case insurance company  image
Use case women's network image

Women's network

You're a women's network for the top 500 companies, offering free continuing education classes to half a million women workers. Instead of spending valuable time and resources to advertise this with the necessary intensity, you distribute your coin to all beneficiaries and benefit from many advantages:

  • The employees have received a gift of obvious value.
  • When booking via the in-app marketplace, the available courses will be visible to all.
  • The appearance at the courses is more binding
  • You as the operator gain valuable insights to continuously improve the program.

City government

You are a city that supports the local business with subsidies and does this in a modern way. You can include all residents in your support program with a single scan.

Use case city government image
Use case regional tourism manager image

Regional tourism manager

You are a tourism board or a tourism provider on a South Sea island and connect your destination through the integration of public transport, hotels, museums and many little gems worth seeing - all in one ecosystem with your coin.

Game developer

You have developed a game and need a coin to buy in-game features? Maybe even across the whole catalog of the publisher? No problem. Ecoo can do that too.

Use case game developer image
Use case advertising agency image

Advertising agency

You are an advertising agency and want to offer your customers a better sweepstakes or a creative collection points campaign and collect valuable data for segmentation?

Sports club

You are a sports club and work on an efficient club culture the includes everything from sponsoring to the kiosk at the field, to the season subscription and pre-funding of the summer party?

Use case sports club image
Use case festival organizer image

Festival organizer

You are a festival and have a revenue sharing agreement with your exhibitors. This needs to be respected by all parties but you and don't want an additional complicated and expensive payment infrastructure to track and check this?


You are a global corporation, subsidizing lunch and other fringe benefits and want to encourage the purchase of certain services and products?

Use case corporation image
Use case your turn image

Your turn...

Where does your creativity lead you?

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