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The platform for the next-gen coupons

The platform that makes the blockchain technology usable for the common person. A platform that enables you to create and control your own payment method.

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The platform for the next-gen coupons

They did it.
So can you.

Our customers come from a wide range of industries: public services, insurances, tourism, grass-roots environmental organisations, telecommunication and many more.

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Our product

Quick setup

Create and configure your coin in minutes. Customize how it can be used and create onboarding codes in a few clicks.

No transaction fees

There are no fees for transactions made in the ecoo ecosystem. Optionally you can charge your participants a transaction fee - but we don't charge you.

Unlimited ways to use it

Are you a festival organizer that wants to ensure an great experience at concession stands for your visitors? A corporate that wants to give fringe benefits to your employees? An insurance company that wants to provide loyalty points to its clients to support a healthy lifestyle? A special interest group that offers courses to its members and wants to increase participation rates? Let us show you how you can achieve any of these with the ecoo system!

Our commitment

Empower the community

Strengthen the community and increase loyalty by nurturing healthier lifestyles, local economies, mobility, and more.

Communicate effectively

Use our app to communicate directly with your community and track whether or not individual services are being utilized. This allows your program to continuously expand and improve.

Ensure data security and promote sustainability

We stand for security and transparency. Ecoo is built on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain, a leading and sustainable open-source asset and application platform that ensures security and code correctness.  

Stay innovative and promote digitization

Ecoo’s unique platform provides an adaptable technical solution to revolutionize your existing loyalty program or easily set up a new program according to your needs and requirements.

Used worldwide

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Merchants can accept payment onsite or online. Create a shop with Smoolis, and the payment method is already integrated. Have a WooCommerce shop? Use our plugin. Got developers? Use our API directly.

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