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Here you can find the ecoo Core terms and conditions and privacy policy (
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In summary:

With, ecoo AG provides a platform in a SaaS model that allows subscribers to create their own digital coupons (hereafter called coin). Ecoo AG provides only the platform and is not responsible for any of the coins created on the platform except its own coin, the e-cooin.

By agreeing with the Terms and Conditions and using the platform, you the user, understands that you are the sole responsible party for all aspects of any of the coins that you create on the platform. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Ensuring that the way you are using the coin is legal in the jurisdictions where you distribute the coin
  • Ensuring the coin settings are adjusted in a manner to comply with any regulatory restrictions
  • Ensuring that you back the coin (This means that if endusers give you fiat money for coins, then they buy something at a participating shop for coins, and the shop comes to you to exchange coins for fiat money, you are able to pay out the shops).
  • Ensuring that you respect all applicable KYC requirements
  • Ensuring that you inform all your endusers about your own terms and conditions
  • Handling any enduser support related to your coin

ecoo AG retains the right to disable any coins which are seriously suspected of being misused or used for illegal purposes.

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