About us

ecoo democratises conditional payment systems for your ecosystem

Mission Statement

For most people, a coin is nothing more than a medium of exchange. You spend it and get something in return. It doesn't matter what, as long as you have enough to pay the price. For us, a coin is much more. A Coin is a steering instrument for positive change. Where it is directed, innovation and improvement are created. We make it easier than ever to target positive behaviour change with money. With the world's smartest platform for earmarked currencies - or Good Coins, as we call them.

The ecoo Team

Marc van Nuffel

  • Founder and CEO of DU DA –  Data & Commtech by Farner
  • Technology Leader / Innovator
  • 25 years in IT, Leaded 250+ IT Projects
  • Married, father of 3 kids

Alessandro De Carli

  • Founder and CEO of Papers
  • Blockchain Guru
  • Master IT UZH

Raffaele Carmine

  • Founder & GP of Eagle Venture Fund
  • Founded 15 international businesses
  • Completed 40+ financing and M&A Deals
  • Former Investmentbanking
  • Married, father of 3 boys

Claudia Sauter

  • Member of the Board of Directors and Advisory Boards in Fintech companies and Non-profit organizations
  • Over 20 years of experience in PR & Communications
  • Former Head of PR & Communications of listed companies
  • Artist
  • Married, 1 kid

Daniel Jörg

  • Partner, Head of Marketing Communications Farner Consulting.
  • Marketing Strategy & Behavior Design Expert
  • 22 years of marketing experience
  • 100+ product launches & marketing campaigns
  • Married, father of 2 kids