Pay with your earmarked coins.

digital, smart, safe.

ecoo is the platform for earmarked payments.
Each coin lives in its own ecosystem, it is your coin, which is managed by yourself.

Pay with ecoo

Quick and easy: tap on “Pay”, scan the QR code and confirm the payment.

Cash in with ecoo

Collect in three easy steps: tap on “Cashier”, enter the amount and have the QR code scanned. To collect funds, you only need a QR code sticker, no device needed.

Exchange coins for CHF directly in the app

Partners can exchange their collected coins at any time via the app without any transaction costs.

Real-time analytics:

You have access to real-time data of transactions in your financial platform at any time.

A seamless user experience

As a user you can participate and pay with the ecoo app. Transactions between users are also possible.

  • Simple registration in the app via Apple ID or Google ID.
  • Verification with the respective provider directly in the app in just a few steps.
  • Automatic credit of the starting credit in the form of coins in the ecoo wallet.
  • Manage coins for up to 5 people on the same device.
  • Purchase goods or services at partner shops.
  • Transactions between private users are also possible but optional
  • Make transactions without a smartphone by using the paper wallet.

Benefits for partner shops

The ecoo app is ready to use in a few minutes. Even if the verification of your provider is still pending, you can already collect coins as a partner.

  • Simple registration in the app via Apple ID or Google ID.
  • The ecoo app can be set up in a few minutes. No new devices required, no new processes to be implemented and no costs occurring.
  • Fast collection in just two steps with or without a device.
  • Collect payments with self-printed QR codes (no device required)
  • Secure transaction ensured by blockchain technology.
  • Transaction history can be viewed directly in the app.
  • Trouble-free redemption of sales directly via the app.

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