ecoo transforms your vision & plans into measurable actions

Ecoo for cities, municipalities and tourist regions

Revitalize your local economy by launching a regional coin that citizens can spend at local businesses.

Key benefits

  • Strengthen your community
  • Allocate funds to a good cause
  • Reinforce the economy

Ecoo for corporates and health organizations

We turn your loyalty program into a force for good. Design your very own loyalty program for your employees or customers. You define which good habits you want to foster. Whether you want to support a healthier diet, a more mindful and sustainable life, or support for small businesses in the neighbourhood. It’s your program – it’s your choice.

Key benefits

  • Foster good habits
  • Reward loyalty
  • Boost employer branding

Ecoo offers a handful of advantages

  • As a user you you will be ready to go in no time

    Get started immediately: Only advise your partners to download the ecoo app to get started. The app takes it from there … thanks to the easy onboarding process your partners and customers can immediately access their wallets and start making transactions using your coins.

  • As a partner shop you will get more customers & sales

    ecoo motivates people to shop in stores like yours. Off- and online, without any additional administrative effort, any process changes or any transaction costs.

  • As an organisation you get a customizable plug&play solution

    You want shine with your own corporate design? No problem. ecoo is a white label solution and we can easily adapt the corresponding look and feel based on your brand thanks to our designers. Moreover, no administration effort or process changes required. The whole process is automatically handled resulting in no central administration effort for you or any of the partners.

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